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Florida is an amazing place where it is always sunny and warm. What else does make Florida so wonderful? I think it is such a great and unique place because of its beaches, rich fauna (dolphins, manatees, alligators, pelicans, cranes and many others birds and marine mammals) and Florida palm trees as well.

It is difficult to imagine Miami or any other city in the Sunshine State without Florida Palm Trees. Where can you see a Royal Palm Tree, Coconut Palm, Triangle Palm or Sabal Palm? The answer is in the state of Florida.

A Florida palm is a symbol of the Sunshine state. It is a tree that you can find everywhere in Florida. The Florida Palm is the most widely grown flowering plant in the Sunshine State.

Florida palms grow on tropical sandy beaches or in the floodplains and swamps. They line residential streets, avenues and highways. They can be seen in parks and botanical gardens. These tropical plants are abundant throughout the Sunshine State.

A Florida palm can be a tree or shrub; solitary plant or multi-trunked specimen. It can have palmate (fan-shaped) or pinnate (feather-shaped) leaves; edible or poisonous fruits. There are many different types of Florida palm trees.

The website www.floridapalm.net provides information about the most common Florida palms, their description, growth rate and maintenance tips as well.

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